Green Dentistry For The Modern Dentist

Oral health and dental technology which values environmental health defines what is called green dentistry or eco-dentistry. The terminology eco-dentistry was coined by the EDA or Eco-Dentistry Association. They promote advancement and enhance efficiency and effectiveness in dental procedures through the use of technology that minimizes the pollution and waste that it may bring to the environment. It values technological innovation in dentistry that does not cause environmental hazard while maintaining the patient’s good oral hygiene.The advantages of green dentistry include better diagnosis through advanced tools and equipment yet with lesser radiation suck as digital radiography. Digital radiography minimizes the use of harmful chemicals which are used by the traditional dental x-ray to diagnose dental problems. The advantage of using digital radiography is that it uses 90% less radiation than the conventional x-ray. The best thing is that it brings real time results as the images are immediately available thus making diagnosis and treatment quicker with better accuracy.With green dentistry, the medical professional uses biodegradable yet high quality materials such as in sterilization, disinfectants, and germicidal components. It focuses on the minimization of hazardous wastes and toxic chemical vapor and solutions into the water system and the air. Another area that it applies its eco-friendly procedures to is its use of natural materials and less heavy metal with regard to tooth restoration. It uses restoratives that are metal-less dental such as using composite bonding with adhesives, lumineers, crowns, and porcelain veneers. This means that the silver amalgam fillings are avoided to prevent metal waste and to avoid these materials from polluting our water supply and water systems.Other ways of promoting green dentistry is the use of washers, fluorescent lights, dryers, and other dental equipment and tools that are energy efficient. Some would also use washable head covers, gowns, and cloth bibs to minimize the use of disposable paper supplies. Eco-dentistry does not only stop in the materials and equipment used by the dentist, this also includes the type of paints use in the dental clinic and the other miscellaneous electrical gadgets used in the clinic such as the sound and lighting system.The certifying organizational body that can provide a dentist a certification of reaching the highest standards of green dental practice is the Eco-Dental Association. A GreenDOC certification can be given per tier such as the Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers. The tiers will depend on their efforts of maintaining a green dental clinic with several items on the checklist. The checklist also includes eco-friendly materials, equipment, tools, and other earth-friendly components used in the practice of dentistry. Thus aside from checking the qualifications of the dentist, environmentalists can also check for this certification as part of your search for a good dentist.

The Field of Cosmetic Dentistry

In dentistry any type of procedure to enhance the looks of one’s teeth, gums and also bite is called cosmetic dentistry. The function can be improved by this process as well but it’s not always the case. Although the American Dental Association (ADA) does not acknowledge cosmetic dentistry as a specialty area, it is a popular and commercially successful practice. Many dentists promote themselves in this area, which is highly marketable. According to the ADA, there are two fields of specialization, known as Orthodontics (teeth straightening) and Prosthodontics (for complicated crowns or implants), which can be considered as types of cosmetic dentistry.Basically four types of work are done here:
1) adding material to teeth or the gums,
2) removing material from teeth or the gums,
3) changing the appearance of teeth without adding or removing, i.e. teeth whitening and
4) improving the alignment of teeth.Belonging to the above four groups, common cosmetic dentistry procedures include but are not limited to:Teeth whitening – This is also called teeth bleaching and is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure. Going to the dentist to get teeth whitened is still a norm although there are many easy do- it-yourself kits available on the market. This may be due to the use of laser technology preferred over bleaching for teeth whitening. Some patients may need to visit the dentist more than one time to achieve their desired shade, but many are satisfied with results after one treatment. Some people may need to whiten their teeth several times during their lifetime, due to intake of foods and beverages that stain and the natural aging process.Tooth reshaping can be done to remove sections of the tooth enamel, which improves appearance. This is performed in the case of chipped teeth and can also be used to change the shape, length or position of a tooth. Once removed, the enamel cannot be replaced. In dentistry, this process is known by a variety of names such as enameloplasty, odontoplasty, contouring, recontouring, slenderizing, stripping or sculpting. It can be done by just one visit to the dentist.Bonding is one of the adding-on processes, whereby an enamel-like substance is placed on the surface of the tooth/teeth to compensate for chipping or breaking off.False teeth or dental bridges, called pontics in dentistry, are used to fill in gaps between teeth. These gaps can be a result of missing teeth. The problem with gaps is that they can cause the rest of the teeth to move over the long term and affect their general alignment. There are fixed dental bridges and partial dentures to choose from, as suits your condition. They can reduce the risk of gum disease and help an over-bite or an under-bite. This can even lead to better (clearer) speech. They can be used, without any replacement, for around ten years but you need to be consistent with good oral hygiene to maintain them well.Veneers are another popular aspect of cosmetic dentistry. They are porcelain structures that are applied directly to the teeth. Any unwanted gaps or discolored teeth can be hidden by them.A gum lift is needed for some patients to sculpt the gum line. It involves dental surgery, as reshaping of the tissue and/or connecting bones is required.Teeth that have worn out due to long-term effects of forceful grinding or acid reflux can now be fixed through bite reclamation. This is basically changing the vertical dimension of teeth to enhance the appearance of one’s smile.In order to benefit from cosmetic dentistry, you can look up dental care in Greenwood and find the best practice to suit your needs. It is a worthwhile investment that can change not only your looks but the way you feel.

How to Outsource Business Services Work

Outsourcing has become an increasingly popular aspect of modern businesses. With a bit of planning you can easily learn how to outsource your Business Services and reap the benefits that it holds for your company.There are a lot of quality freelance provider companies worldwide that provide a variety of Business Services. With adequate planning and management you can easily find a suitable provider to take over your work. So what exactly does it take to successfully outsource your business?Two of the most important aspects when you want to successfully learn how to outsource your Business Services are:
Project Planning
Project Management
When you have decided how to outsource your business services you need to spend some time on these points to ensure that you receive value for your money and successfully grow your business.Project PlanningFor any project to be successful you need to plan accordingly. You need to assess your needs and know what you expect from your provider. In order for your project to be a success you need to be able to provide your provider company with adequate information and training and ensure that they are suitably qualified to handle the work. Before choosing your provider request references and samples of previous work completed; this will provide you with the information necessary to confirm if they will fit your job description.Another factor to consider is the location of your service provider. Keep in mind that they might be located in a different time zone than yours and you need to arrange for a suitable time on a weekly basis to arrange for a conference call to stay updated with their progress and also ensure that you communicate all your needs to them to avoid any misunderstandings.Project ManagementThis is an essential part of your success. When learning how to outsource your business you need to keep a constant eye on their progress and ensure that the results are satisfactory. That is why it is important to select a qualified provider company; when your business is in good hands you can focus on other areas that need your attention. When you have selected a suitable provider you need to keep an open line of communication and ensure that your providers know exactly what is expected of them. You also need to be open to suggestions and be able to deliver constructive criticism.When your time is limited and you need to manage your project you can always make use of an experienced Project Manager and focus on other areas of your business. Your outsource partners need to know exactly what is expected of them and have to maintain a high standard of work. This is where your Project Manager comes in. It is important to have communication from both sides and this will ensure that your project runs smoothly.When your business is growing and you need additional hands, learn how to outsource. The decision to outsource Business Services will be one of the best ones you can make to ensure the growth of your business and using freelance providers can help you reach the success you strive for.