Automotive Alarm For a Hummer

Life is good when everything in place is well-maintained. With a Hummer car installed with an alarm you have no question as to why you deserve another car. Hummer is a posy car that you need to have in your life. Technology has simplified your struggle with a modern device that you need not to worry about theft of any kind when obtaining such an asset. Car alarm is a system installed in your car to prevent you from developing worries when you have parked your car.This device gives out an alarming noise when somebody a part from you the owner attempts to interfere with your car. It has been said that, some Hummer cars have factory fitted alarms which are activated by the remote key when you are near to your car. There are also those hummer cars that are not installed with this important devise-car alarm. In this case therefore, you are requested to come up with one and install in your car to overcome this piercing issue of theft.In the industrial markets of selling these spare parts, you have a variety of choices to purchase for your car. There is that Hummer alarm that is said to electrocute the intruder with harmless current whenever he or she moves closer to the steering wheel. Despite the noise, there are other currents that broadcast a pre-recorded warning that keeps the intruder scarred and keeps him away from your car.Hummer automobile alarms are different from one another. On one hand, there are those devices which use micro switches fixed to different parts of your car; boots, doors and door handles. On the other hand, some devises use micro monitoring systems to detect the thief’s penetration to your car. Above all, there are those triggering systems that activate your alarm when a different key other than your personal spare is used.To have this system installed in your car, be assured of maximum protection against theft cases with your property. Actually nobody could like to have his car broken into. This system is safeguarding your car down the road. Hummer vehicle alarm system is all over the world as so many cases of intruders are reported. For example, if you want this system in place for your car just visit the Street Beat Customs for quality services of installation of this modern technology system which is of more benefit to you and your people. More importantly, you can have your car locked and unlocked, started and shut off, activated and deactivated with this system of Hummer Car Alarm. Get your property secured with these modern devices. They cost less and protect you from incurring loses of millions of money.

New Market Seen For New Car SUV Hybrid

Most manufacturers hoping to strike gold with the new car-SUV hybrid and she couldn’t see herself driving a minivan. So Dr. Melissa Sundermann ended up with a type of vehicle that most automakers are banking on for sales growth: a crossover. Built on car underpinnings but having many attributes of SUVs, crossover utility vehicles have seen explosive growth since Toyota Motor Corp. started the category with the RAV4 back in 1995. In 1996, the RAV4’s first full year on sale, Toyota told 56,709 of the small crossovers when it had the market to itself, according to data collected by Ward’s Automotive Group. But sales rose quickly as other automakers saw the growth potential, topping 2.4 million last year with more than 50 models for sale.CARS WERE TOO SMALL, SPORT UTILITY VEHICLES TOO INEFFICIENTNow, with the 2008 car model year approaching, automakers are hoping to capture thousands of people like Sundermann who want more space for kids and their junk, and the array of models and sales are almost certain to grow.Last year, crossovers outsold truck-based SUVs for the first time, said George Pipas, Ford Motor Co.’s top sales analyst. “Next year, most likely, the category will climb over the 3 million mark, barring a sharp decline in total volume,” Pipas said.Sundermann, a physician and mother of two in Ann Arbor, Mich., felt that her old vehicle, a Volvo station wagon, didn’t have enough room. “In driving the kids around and doing car pooling, I just couldn’t fit enough kids in my car safely,” she said.Sundermann, 37, started looking at large SUVs such as the Ford Expedition and Chevrolet Tahoe, but wanted something smaller with better gas mileage. She also needed three rows of seats and enough space in the back for groceries and other items.When her husband suggested looking at the Saturn Outlook, a new crossover vehicle, she thought it was odd because her image of the company was of one that made economy cars.”With all the options, the price was right. We were impressed that the gas mileage was fairly decent for a bigger car,” she said. “I can fit all my kids and their friends and all my stuff and still feel like I’m driving a luxury car.”The crossovers, which range in size from smaller four-passenger vehicles to ones seating up to eight, are key products for the Detroit Three as they try to regain market share lost mainly to Japanese competitors. Last month, Detroit’s share of the market dropped below 50 percent for the first time in history.Ford, General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC lost a collective $15 billion last year as they were caught unprepared when high gasoline prices sent consumers away from trucks and sport utility vehicles to cars and crossovers.A two-wheel-drive 2008 Ford Expedition large SUV, for instance, gets an estimated 12 miles per gallon in the city and 18 on the highway. Ford’s Taurus X crossover, built on a Volvo car platform with three rows of seats, gets 16 mpg in the city and 24 on the highway.Because they’re built on car platforms, crossovers are more maneuverable and have smoother rides than the truck-based SUVs, said Lonnie Miller, director of industry analysis for R.L. Polk & Co.”It provides kind of like the best of both worlds. It’s a nice alternative to a minivan and as large in many cases as a gas-guzzling SUV,” he said. As crossovers have grown, minivan sales have dropped, off about 22 percent from the first seven months of last year and down 12 percent in 2006 compared with 2005. Ford and GM, seeing little growth potential, got out of the business. But Chrysler, the minivan inventor and leader, sees growth and is coming out with a new version of its people hauler featuring a seat that swivels so passengers can sit on either side of a table.For Sundermann, though, a minivan didn’t feel right. “It would just define me,” she said. “I lead a sporty, adventuresome lifestyle. I’m a mother and physician. But I wasn’t ready to drive a minivan,” said Sundermann, who competes in triathlons.”Some people don’t want to be seen as kind of that traditional suburban mom driving a minivan,” said Sarah Woolson, general sales manager at Saturn of Ann Arbor, the dealership that sold Sundermann her black Outlook in April.Crossover sales are up about 15 percent so far this year. At Ford, where crossover sales have risen 44 percent over last year due largely to the Edge, Pipas believes they will continue to pull in buyers from the minivan, SUV and other segments of the market.Pipas predicted that in two more years, there will be 70 to 80 different crossover models from which buyers can choose.”This whole category has a long way to go,” he said

Automotive Technician Opportunities Exist If You Have the Right Training

In the old days, almost anyone could fix a car. You just popped the hood and everything was right there: the spark plugs, belts, radiator, oil pump, and other engine components were in plain sight. Cars were simple and easy to repair, and you could spend a few hours on a Saturday afternoon getting the old Chevy Camaro to purr like a kitten (or roar like a lion, if that was your preference).Not now! Today’s vehicles have computers and sophisticated power systems including flex-fuels and gas-electric hybrids. Open the hood and you might not see much that the layman would recognize. Not many people can fix their own cars these days because vehicles are just too complex. They have to bring their car to a qualified technician.Auto service technicians must have a broad knowledge of the design and interaction of vehicles’ increasingly complex components. They must be able to work with both old-fashioned hand tools and advanced electronic diagnostic equipment. They must be able to quickly learn new technologies and keep up with the rapid rate of change in the auto industry.Good Career ProspectsIf you are a qualified auto, truck, or diesel technician, you may have good career prospects. According to the U.S. Government Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBLS), from 2008 through 2018 automotive service technician and mechanic job opportunities are expected to be good for those who have post-secondary school automotive training.Total job openings should increase because of overall employment growth, and because many skilled technicians are expected to retire. Job opportunities for auto technicians and mechanics are expected to be very good for those who complete post-secondary automotive training programs and who earn ASE certification.Get the Right TrainingBut you can’t just walk into a career as an auto service technician. Getting the right training can be important. Even for entry-level jobs, certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) has become a standard credential for automotive service technicians. To prepare for certification, many training authorities recommend that students complete a formal training program in high school or in a post-secondary vocational school or community college.You may want to start out with a service specialty. Certification can be obtained in eight different areas of automotive service, including engine repair, suspension and steering, brake systems, electrical systems, and heating and air-conditioning. Once you’ve launched your career, you may find that employers often send their technicians to manufacturer-sponsored technician training programs to improve or maintain their skills. Sometimes technicians focus on one brand of automobile or truck. Manufacturers also send experts to visit repair shops to provide brand-specific training.How to Find an Automotive Training SchoolHere’s how to get started. Log onto a reputable college directory website such as the one below. By using your ZIP code, you’ll be able to get free information about automotive training schools in your area. Compare schools and find out which ones offer flexible schedules, financial aid for those who qualify, manufacturer sponsorship, and career guidance services. Then contact the schools that work for you. In just a few minutes you could be on your way to training for a rewarding career as an automotive technician.